My Love of the Ellipses…

I can’t believe it’s already been six weeks since I posted…time sure does fly…sorta…

Before I go any further, I need to make a confession…I love ellipses…I mean, seriously love them.  I use them when I text, tweet and clearly when I blog.  I am not sure why I love them but I feel like they capture an element of my speech pattern like no other piece of punctuation.

I started thinking about this a few weeks ago.  I started a temporary job at a call center for a newspaper publishing company.  The company publishes 46 papers in 22 states and the call center has about 65 employees that handle all of customer calls.  These calls include missed newspapers, newspapers in the wrong location, billing issues, cancelling accounts or just general complaints.  It has been a particularly busy time, with long wait times for customers (like coming in the office at 9 am and seeing 75 calls waiting in the que).  This is due to the fact that a rate increase that was supposed to be staggered over several months was levied across the board to all 3 million subscribers…with invoices being mailed out to ALL of them.  This caused some VERY angry people and lots of calls.  So during my week of training, I would listen to how other Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) would speak.  Some were really good at placating a customer and working hard to resolve their issues.  Others…not so much.  There is one guy who ends every sentence with an uptick inflection, causing every sentence to sound like a question.  There is another woman whose voice is very high pitched.  She seems to have a large number of callers who are yelling at her, which has made me wonder if there is something about the pitch of her voice that is creating a level of disharmony from the start (maybe some aspiring student can conduct some research and let me know).

Anyway, this all led me to think about how I speak, my pitch and tone, and my use of punctuation.  I use emojis when I text and tweet but anyone who has received a text from me will notice the use of ellipses.  I told a friend that if she received a text from me and there were no ellipses, it might be an impostor (a long story, which I will talk about another time).

So why am I rambling about punctuation and my ever-so-exciting job?  It’s because I want to…and I can.  This blog started in one direction…I wanted to blog about food and recipes and maybe some sports thrown in.  However, I have decided to let it organically evolve.  There are so many things that I want to talk about and for now, this is my forum.   It may not always make sense, but then, neither do I!

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